À Propos

My name is Virginie Peny. I've been blogging about fashion and DIY for seven years. At thirty-one years old, I'm currently working as a consultant for stores and labels. I have this thing for retail, crafts and slow living, so founding my own online shop was a natural step for me. Creativity, giving a new life to ancient material, finding upcycling ideas is what literally drives me. I tend to promote creativity and know-how for a more conscious way of living.  

Atelier 30 is close to my heart and an invitation to my style playground. Here you'll find new and old items as well as upcycled products in various materials — like wood, crystal and glass. Atelier 30 is meant to propose a mix & match of conscious and esthetic items I either created, wore, thrifted or lived with. Be sure that all these items have a beautiful story. 

As an engagement of my vision, 10% of the sale will be collected for environmental organizations. 

From garments to decoration & accessories, let's hope these second hand and unique pieces once enlighten your day as well. And feel free to visit me on my blog Virginie Peny for more inspirations! 


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